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Our company motto is:  We Tie It, Seal It, Lick It, and Stick It®!!!

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We decided to change the format of our Idea Page. Find cost effective alternatives to increase your work flow with the packaging solutions below.

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Label Dispensing  

Tape Applications:

Gummed Tape Dispensers 

Other ways and methods to improve work flow:

Benches - Conveyor - Placement

Pressure Sensitive Tape 

Clam Shell problems? Customers open packages, spill contents, and you need a way to reseal? We offer a low cost solution.

Coding and Marking Products? Info on different methods. Click here.

Coding boxes while you pack? The CodeTaper attachment is a low cost method to code the tape.

Shipping Benches - Organization! We offer the Dehnco line. Email for details.

Twist Tying/Bundling - Bag of bread, bundles of wires, even tree saplings. Click Here