Pogo Contact Marking Printers

If you experience shipping a pallet of cartons via LTL and have the shrink wrap fail in transit, chances are the boxes are not individually addressed. The Pogo offers an economical way to mark all the cartons in seconds.

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Do you need a quick and economical way to hand mark your shipment?

The Marsh Pogo Printers, stencils, and ink can mark up to 100 cartons for very minimal cost-much less expensive than using labels that only mark one box each! Use the inked Pogo Printers and attached stencil for shipment addressing, product identification, even caution symbols!

There are also stock and custom die cut stencils that allow you to either choose an
already designed stencil for your application, or have Marsh artists customize a special
stencil just for you! Deciding to use a Marsh Contact Marking System allows you to hand
mark repeatable information for only pennies a shipment.


Porous Pogo Printer - Low Cost "Stencil"

Item Number
Description/Print Area
Overall Size
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Flat Pogo Printer,
1 3/4 x 3 1/4
2 3/4 x 4
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Flat Pogo Printer,
2 7/16 x 4
3 3/8 x 4 3/4
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Rocker Printer
3 x 5 1/8
4 1/2 x 6
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Porous applications are for printing on paper, carboard, and other surfaces that will absorb the ink.


Item Number
Description/Print Area
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Black Porous Ink 4oz. Bottle
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Black Porous Ink - Pint
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Solvent CM75 - Quart
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Contact Marking Stencil Tissue Types:

B Heavy duty and long lasting! This popular stencil is glued to a hard backing sheet that is perforated for easy removal after imaging. Especially good for documents prepared on a typewriter or by hand in the shipping room.
Y A yellow tissue stencil with a carbon interleaf and taped backing sheet. This stencil is useful whenever a top-taped stencil is required.
E The powder blue carbon-coated, taped-back stencil requires less pressure to image than a B stencil, making it perfect for tabbing with continuous computer forms. The E stencil can be removed and reattached to shipping orders and other business forms. Also durable enough for typewriter. (Formerly "C" type)
CFY A yellow tissue with carbon interleaf. The CFY stencil is a continuous form stencil on a pin-feed liner for use in automated dot matrix print equipment. CFY stencils are available either glued or taped, and can be pulled from the backing sheet without disturbing the remaining stencils.

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