Penetron Concentrate

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Penetron Concentrate
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8 oz Bottle of Penetron ®

Penetron is a water agent used to promote optimum glue reactivation on all gummed materials. Use agents for envelopes, stamps, gummed tapes, and label stocks.  Each bottle will convert 50 gallons of water into "super water" ready for adding into any tape dispenser, label dispenser, or mailing machine.

Penetron® Ready to Use Liquid has been formulated to be added directly into water systems of equipment that uses water to activate adhesives.

Both products enhance the performance of water activated adhesives where hard water is used. Penetron® products also help to dissolve hard water buildups and reduce bacteria in standing water. Available in 4-one gallon cases.  (Best application found in mailrooms for postage machines.)

Tips and Suggestions:

Water agents will help any piece of equipment meant to reactivate dry hard glues. It is always recommended by all manufacturers to clean the moistening brushes or rollers to remove old glue build ups on a regular basis. Gummed tape dispensers should be cleaned every other week, label moisteners once a month for best results.

MSDS - Safety Data Sheet - Click here.

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