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1 1/2" Refillable Fountain Roller

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1 1/2" Refillable Fountain Roller
Part Number: 180M-RFR200-15Only

1 1/2" Marsh Refillable Fountain Roller for Inking Stencils

The pump action of Marsh Fountain Roller gives you fast, uniform ink dispensing without fading or flooding.

  • Durable aluminum and brass construction for tough environments.
  • Long wearing neoprene roller. Environmentally friendly - refill from Marsh quart or gallon ink cans and reduce packaging waste.
  • Replacement rollers available. 1-1/2" (3.8cm) roller width for use on porous or non-porous surfaces.  For replacement rollers order 30867.

Works with either the RolMark or K-Stencil inks.  It is not recommended to mix types of ink on the same roller.

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