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12 ribs x 3 7/8" Flip Over Stamper

Your Price: $147.20
12 ribs x 3 7/8" Flip Over Stamper Self Inker
Part Number: 105M-25725-79

12 ribs x 3 7/8" Flip-Over Self Inking Stamper #25725-79

"Flip-Over" type self inking hand stamper with a unique RIBtype® surface for mounting individual letters, numbers, or logomats.  Great for applications involving hourly or daily changes to the message.  7 ribs will handle up to 7/8" letters and numbers.

These Rib-based stamps re-ink themselves after each imprint. Metal frames make them very durable. Maintenance tips: Self-inkers are factory adjusted. If printing impression becomes light or is unsatisfactory, apply rubber stamp ink to the ink pad or install a new inked pad. Good, legible printing impression ALWAYS require proper inked pads.

WARNING: DO NOT INK PAD WITH CHECKWRITER, OIL-BASE OR NUMBERING MACHINE INKS. USE ONLY RUBBER STAMP INK. Checkwriter, Oil-Base, and number machine inks are highly injurious to the rubber bands and pads in self-inkers. To prolong the life of this carefully assembled and inspected self-inker, use only the BEST GRADE rubber stamp inks. Lubricate occasionally by placing a very light film of graphite grease or petroleum jelly on bearings and slides.

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