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3" Basic Stencil Ink Roller

Your Price: $17.66
MSSC RM20-30F Basic 3" Stencil Ink Roller
Part Number: 180M-RM20-30F

3" Basic Stencil Roller for Ink

Great for occasional stenciling. Basic roller and handle that includes a cover to help protect the roller when not in use.  3" (76mm) roller.

For replacement rollers use the RM10-30.

To use, pour the ink on the RM50 pad pictured below (sold separately). Roll the roller a few times on the pad, then stencil. When the ink gets too light, repeat. When the residual builds up on the pad, pour a little solvent on the pad to regenerate the ink.

The roller works with either the efi or Rolmark inks on porous or non-porous surfaces. It is not recommended to mix different types of ink on the same pad.

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