3" Refillable Fountain Roller

Part Number:180M-RFR200-30Only
3" Refillable Fountain Roller
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3" Marsh Refillable Fountain Roller for Inking Stencils

The pump action of Marsh Fountain Roller gives you fast, uniform ink dispensing without fading or flooding. 3" (76mm) roller width for use on porous or non-porous surfaces. If you're familiar with stencil, you are no longer tied to an ink pad and quart of ink. You can fill the handle with ink, take your cut stencil, and walk around the warehouse or lot marking/coding your items.

  • Durable aluminum and brass construction for tough environments.
  • Long wearing neoprene roller. Environmentally friendly - refill from Marsh quart or gallon ink cans and reduce packaging waste.
  • Replacement rollers available. For replacement rollers order the RFR250F-30.

Works with either the RolMark or K-Stencil inks.  It is not recommended to mix inks.

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