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3" Seal Safe Tape Dispenser

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3" Seal Safe Retractable Blade Tape Dispenser
Part Number: 145M-QPC3398
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12+ $21.56

3" Seal Safe Retractable Blade Tape Dispenser

Achem took the best taper and installed a Seal Safe cutter blade that is only exposed when the rub down flap is pressed in. Dispense 3" PVC type packaging tapes with a tape dispenser designed to avoid costly injuries by exposed blades. These also incorporate a contour handle, soft rub down roller, deluxe core holder with adjustable brake, and easy feed path. This is one of the best on the market. 1 case contains 12 tape dispensers. 

Do you have employees getting cut by the exposed blade on cheaper tape dispensers?  Are you looking for a safer way to tape cartons? If you are not ready to change over to water activated gummed tape, the retractable blade models are the next best solution. 

Key Benefits

  • No exposed metal blade
  • Safest Tape Dispenser Available
  • Steel Construction
  • Smooth operation
  • Adjustable brake

Looking for a faster way to use pressure sensitive tape to seal cartons? We recommend using automatic case sealers. If you try to use a counter top automatic dispenser, like the M1000 for taping boxes, the tape is too difficult to handle and will stick to everything once dispensed. If you are looking to speed up your operation, we recommend using a gummed tape dispenser. Overall they are faster than tape guns, and you only need ONE piece of tape to seal the flaps.

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