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3" x 5" Hand Stamp

Your Price: $15.70
3" x 5" Hand Stamp
Part Number: 105M-79075-3X5

3" Tall x 5" Wide Stamper

Make your own custom stamper with United RibType molded mounts.

Custom stampers use Ribtype single sorts, and custom logo mats of any size type up to the capacity of the stamper.  Change messages by simply removing the old message and inserting your new message.  Great low cost method of imprinting code dates, expiration dates, shift codes, product numbering to both porous and non-porous items.

If you need a size not listed, email or call with details. Please specify direction ribs are to run. For depth, figure 8 ribs for the first inch, and then 7 ribs per inch thereafter. To compute number of ribs for base, add 1 rib to total ribs on mat or logo to be used. Minimum size is 1/2" x 1". For smaller sizes, use peg stamps. 

Need type for your stamper? Check out our different letter and number sets by clicking here.  Make sure to order the ink pad for either porous or non-porous ink.

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