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4 oz Reservoir Bottle #100 Ink

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4 oz Reservoir Bottle #100 Ink
Part Number: 108C-IU-CN

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Universal 4 oz. Reservoir Ink Cartridges are specially designed cartridges designed for use with our fixed mount coders. These cartridges feature a roller ball tip which, when installed on a coder, rides against the surface of the ink roll and applies a thin film of ink to the roll during coder operation. These patented, disposable, cartridges are available filled with #100 ink. All 4 oz reservoir bottles are a one time use.

To use the 4 oz bottles your coder will need to be equipped with a special cover over the ink roller.  Call for details.

Filled with NON-POROUS Universal #100 Coder Ink:

#100 is an extremely fast drying alcohol base coder inks formulated primarily for marking on plastic, metal, glass, rubber and other non-porous surfaces. These inks are recommended for use in our Non-Porous Coders. The #100 ink will dry in approximately 2 seconds at 75 degree F. ambient temperatures when applied with a non-porous coder.

Make sure to select your color.  The default is black.

SDS Safety Data Sheet, Click here.

We are unable to ship this ink by air.  If an air shipment is required, contact our sales office to discuss options.  Inks are not included with free shipping.

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