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6.5X24 Ten Pounds Genuine .015 Stencil OilBoard

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6.5" X 24" MSSC Genuine .015 Stencil Oil Board 10 Pounds
Part Number: 180C-OB15-6.5X24-10

Looking for less? Need oilboard, just don't need 50 pounds?  We are offering the 6.5" x 24" in 10 pound increments. 

Marsh .015 Natural Brown Stencil Oil Board Marsh Oilboard is exceptionally high-quality paper board treated with a special combination of oils to resist ink bleed-through. It is cured in our own plant. Cut with the grain to maintain rigidity. Ideal for flat or curved surfaces. For use in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch stencil machines. Not recommended for 1/4 inch stencil machine. 

  • 6.5 X 24 Inch, Approximately 111 sheets
  • We also carry the applicators and ink. Oilboard is not included in free shipping.

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