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8" Sealer with Cutter
8" Sealer with Cutter

8" Arm Impulse Sealer with Cutter

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QPC 8" Arm Impulse Sealer with Cutter
Part Number: 145M-QPC-415-08C

8" Impulse Sealer with Cutter - Special Close Out

Limited to stock on hand. - Currently 6 in Stock

Seal poly bags with a 2mm wide seal to keep your products fresh and clean.


  • Place machine on a level dry surface
  • Plug machine into 115v outlet with ground
  • Press down on handle and verify pilot lamp is lighting or not
  • According to material thickness and type, regulate dial heating knob starting from position 1 and increasing the amount of sealing time until the poly bag is sealed.
  • Hold handle down 2-3 seconds after pilot light goes out to allow the seal to congeal.
  • If too much sealing time is applied the seal will not be perfect.
  • This unit is not intended to be used as a way to cut and separate poly material. Using the machine in this manner will void all warranties and will cause the teflon and wires to prematurely wear and burn out.
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