1. 82706 Smart Jet Non-Porous Black by Air Hazmat

82706 Smart Jet Non-Porous Black by Air Hazmat

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Smart Jet Non-Porous Black Ink Cartridge
Part Number: 180C-82706HAZ

Smart-Jet® Non-Porous Black Ink Cartridge 42 mL #82706

This item is only used if you are shipping via air.  If you are ordering by ground, click here.

Smart-Jet® Ink SI Cartridge, Sol.

Enhanced ink delivery.  This cartridge is specialized for PET, PA, Coated Papers, and Aluminum Foil. Fast dry-time with 2D barcodes, pharmaceutical track and trace. Prints on glass with a 30-60 second dry time.

Fits Smart-Jet® and Smart-Jet® Plus Ink Jet Printers. Solvent ink for semi and non-porous surfaces.

Note:  Do not order more than you will use in 6 months. Fast drying cartridges have a shelf life of 9 months from date of manufacture. All HP cartridges are chipped to only work in the units they are designed for.

Special note: Inks are subject to shipping restrictions by truck, airline, and/or ocean vessel depending upon level of service. Some require ORM-D or HazMat regulation and must ship from the factory with special shipping instructions. If you order by air or the shipment must go by air, extra hazardous charges apply. If you are ordering more than one cartridge the shopping cart may not calculate the shipping charges properly. Call our office for more information.

We will ship collect on your UPS or FEDEX account.  Call or email for details.  Ink Cartridges not included in free shipping.

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