BP555e Under the Cover

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  Part Number Description
E555-019-01 Vertical Tie Plate Assembly
E555-051-01 Tape Roller Assembly (Wooden Roller)
E555-241-01 Impression Roller
E555-053-01 Idler Shaft Assembly (Lower Feed Wheel)
E555-137-01 Lower Tape Plate Assembly
  E555-082-01 Stop Shaft Assembly
E555-079-00 Cutter Lift Link
FM20BXK Shear Kit
E555-024-01 Upper Feed Wheel Assembly
E555-024-00 Tape Drive Shaft (Upper Feed Wheel Shaft)
E555-050-01 Tape Basket
E555-065-00 Upper Feed Wheel (Black Neoprene)*
PW77X Upper Feed Wheel (Metal - old style)
ND114A Feed Wheel Sprocket (Motor)
E555-068-01 Encoder Disk Sensor & Cable Assembly
ST-2440 Screw
E555-075-01 Magnetic Proximity Switch Assembly
ST-2345 Retaining Ring
E555-064-00 Side Guide
E555-018-00 Upper Tape Plate

*If your machine is equipped with a metal upper feed wheel, replace with a black neoprene feed wheel (part # E555-065-00).  To update, order the upper feed wheel assembly E555-024-01.

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