BP555e Left Side

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  Part # Description
E555-001-01 Main Logic Board (BP555eSA)
E555-002-01 Main Logic Board (BP555eS)
E555-001-02 Main Logic Board (BP555eLA)
E555-002-02 Main Logic Board (BP555eL)
  ST-2340 Screw
E555-030-00 Left Cover (Control Side)
E555-055-00 Cover Badge
  E555-042-01 Left Frame Assy
K221B Nut
E555-024-00 Tape Drive Shaft
  E555-046-01 Metal Encoder Disc Assy - Discontinued
E555-150-00 Plastic Encoder Disc
E555-068-01 Encoder Disk Reader Cable Assy.
E555-075-01 Magnetic Proximity Switch Assy
  ST-2345 Retaining Ring
E555-023-01 Connector Plate Assy
  ST-2341 Fuse (Main 4 amp next to Power Cord)
  ST-2128 Fuse (500mA - Main Logic Board - Mounted on Board)
E555-045-01 Top & Rear Cover Assy
E555-060-00 Rear Cover Pivot Pin
023-376-0 E Ring
  ST-2337 E Ring
  BT42 Washer
E555-090-00 Spring
E555-032-00 Water Tank Shelf
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