Better Packages discontinued the BP556 and replaced it with the BP555eSA and BP755eLA.  Parts are subject to being discontinued by the manufacturer at any time.  If you order parts that are not available we will contact you before we ship any parts to advise.
Many key parts are no longer available relating to the measuring of the tape in the Key Drum area. If you need any parts relating to the key drum, contact us with what is needed prior to investing any time trying to repair the machine.
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1120 External Lockwasher
FF12B Water Bottle
FF6100 Water Bottle (46 oz)
FF6150 Water Bottle Retrofit Kit
FM12EL Upper Tape Plate
FM18 Shear Guide Rollers
FM20BXK Shear Kit
FM3GRA Lower Front Cover
FM59X Wood Tape Roller Assembly
PW77CX Upper Feed Wheel
T0105 Screw
E107X Moistening Brush Assembly
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