BPI Models by Picture

BPI Models by Picture

Looking for a more secure way for carton sealing? Gummed tape works best with high recycled content. The adhesives in gummed tape bond with the carton surfaces and absorb dust.

Sometimes it's easier to click on a picture. Click the picture or model number you will be taken to the brochure page. Parts lists, guides, and other helpful information will be listed on the Support tab on the product page.

 BP333H - Manual gummed tape dispenser with top heater for tapes up 3" widths. 

 BP333 - Manual tape dispenser for water activated Kraft reinforced gummed tapes up 3" widths. 

 BP500 - The "Retro".  Built on the same platform at the original BP555 series with electronics that offer a wider range of lengths.

  BP500IJ - Better Packages BP500 with optional Ink Jet System for Coding Tape. 

 BP555 - Electrical models manufactured 1958 to 1999. We no longer offer these as rebuilds due to the lack of key parts.  We do repair them.

   BP555eS - Electronic dispenser replacing the BP555-S, BP555L36, and BP555L45 models. Note the single repeat key. Dispenses 6-45" in 3" increments.

   BP555eSA - Automatic model replacing the BP555, BP554, and BP556. Note the second repeat key. 

 BP555eL - Electronic dispenser replacing the BP555LL and BP555LLS models.  

  BP555eLA - New Automatic models replacing the BP555, BP554, and BP556 but with the longer lengths. 

 BP-6 Formerly KL-6 - Label moistener for up to 6" wide gummed labels.  Using plain gummed paper to print labels and moisten is a great way to save on pressure sensitive labels.

 BP755eS - Electronic model dispensing 1-4” wide reinforced WAT tape in predetermined lengths of 6”-75”. 

 BP755eSA - Electronic model dispensing 1-4” wide gummed paper or reinforced tape in three different modes with time delay.  Choose from a 1-2-2 pattern, manual, or automatic single length modes.  The BP754 has two variable length buttons from 6”-100” and an overriding random length button.

  Packer 3S - Pull & Tear dispenser for 1-3" paper gummed tape incorporating a unique subway feed. 

 Penetron Concentrate - 8 oz. convenient bottle that when diluted makes 50 gallons of Penetron.

  PS2a - 2" Electronic Pressure Sensitive tape dispenser with automatic dispensing. 

 TS404 - Lever operated manual paper tape dispenser for 1 1/2" gummed side out tape.


  The Automatic Measuring Device (AMD) when ordered with the BP555eSA will calculate the proper amount of tape needed to seal any box. Takes all the guess work out of which length to push saving time and tape.

 The tape aerial when ordered with the BP555e will put a crease in the tape and shoot it over the carton for easy placement, especially when the machine is placed on the counter sideways.

 Tape Aerial for the BP500 and the Pre-1999 BP555s models for creasing the tape and shooting it over the carton.

 CodeTaper #6 to print date codes, etc on tape as it is dispensed for BP500 and old style Better Pack machines pre-1999.

 CodeTaper #6 for BP555e series machines to print on tape as it is dispensed.

 Foot Switch for the BP555e for hands free operation.

If you are unable to find what you need, we encourage you to take a picture with your smart phone and email, or call us to send by text message. We also have the ability to link up via the internet or smart phone with video.