Cyklop Baby Umet 75

Operations Instructions

Safety Precautions:

  • Before using this machine carefully read all operating instructions.  They contain important inducations on installation safety, use and maintenance.
  • Make a copy of this page and keep it with the machine for reference.  It is the responsibility of the customer to insure the operators are versed on the safety features of the machine and understand the instructions.
  • The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for personal or property damage stemming from failure to observe safety norms and the warnings contained herein.

General Remarks:

  • Follow the safety rules for accidents and fire prevention issued by competent authorities, such as the recommendations of industry and trade associations in terms of personal safety.
  • This tape dispenser is designed and manufactured only to dispense pressure sensitive tape.  Use for any other purpose is not condoned. 
  • After unpacking check the integrity of the machine.  If in doubt please contact us via email or phone.
  • Verify that the line voltage and frequency indicated on the serial plate are correct for your applications.  If in doubt, call us.
  • The electrical safety of this machine is guaranteed only when it is correctly connected to a grounded electrical system as prescribed by the present electrical safety rules.
  • When you disconnect the machine from the electrical plug, always pull by seizing the plug, not the cable.
  • Never touch or operate the machine with wet hands or barefoot.
  • Do not leave the machine on for long periods of time.  Turn off the main switch of the machine when it is not being used.
  • Keep the machine away from children and from personnel who are not authorized or adequately instructed in the use of it.
  • Proper use of the machine as prescribed b y the manufacturer includes regard for safety, regular maintenance and repair.

Tape Loading:

  • Turn the machine to its off position.
  • Open the top cover, remove any remnants of tape from the previous roll if found.
  • Remove the spool holder from the machine and remove old core.
  • Slide new roll of tape on the spool holder with the tape unwinding over the top of the spool when the spool is remounted.
  • Pull back on the red wheel located on the lower roller.
  • Pull off enough tape to guide it over the top feed roller and between the red roller and lower roller.
  • Close cover
  • Turn machine back on and push Random Length button to dispense a piece of tape until exposed and remove it by pulling the tape upwards on an angle.   (Remove tape within 10 seconds to avoid the blade from locking up.)
  • Machine is ready for accurate measurement of tape.

Warning:  Use care when working near blade as it is extremely sharp.  if care is not taken, serious injury to personnel could result.

Note:  Machine will not work unless the top cover is closed.  This is a safety feature and it is not recommended to bypass it.

Operating Instructions and Keypad Controls:

You have three different modes the machine will work under.

The first is random.  By pressing the green RANDOM LENGTH key, tape will dispense until the key is released.  If the piece is too short, pressing the button will dispense more tape.

The second mode is by pre-measured length.  With the black knob turn to adjust the length dispensed from 2" up to 52".  By pressing the black DISPENSE button, a piece will be dispensed.

The third mode is automatic mode.  By setting the length desired with the black knob, pressing AUTO REPEAT button will dispense a piece of tape.  By taking the piece of tape, another will dispense automatically.  To disengage the repeat function, before removing the last piece desired, press the dispense key.  This will deactivate the auto function.

NOTE:  The PS3e is equipped with a safety light and blade protection mechanism.  After a piece of tape is dispensed, the red light will come on.  After a couple of seconds the light will begin to flash.  At about 10 seconds the light will stop flashing and the blade protection mechanism will prevent the blade from cutting the tape.  To reactivate the blade, repress the mode button you were using.  This will release the blade for another cycle.

Tape machine placement:

The PS3e is best placed near the edge of the table if lengths longer than 4 inches is dispensed.  Pressure sensitive tape by nature will stick to whatever surface it touches.  By placing the machine near the edge, tape will dispense down along the front of the table.


When needed, remove the blade by removing the two bolts and washers.  Carefully clean both sides of the blade with solvent (Lighter fluid, etc.) using caution in avoiding the sharp cutting edge.  Apply a very thin coat of mechanical oil 5 weight or lower to prevent future build up. 

The blade part number is 74002719.  Part number for the tape spool holder is 74005560.  It is recommended to send the machine in for service beyond basic repair items.

Trouble Shooting:

Dispenser does not work with main power switch light OFF.  Check power cord, main power switch in "I" position, and line fuse (1.25A).

Dispenser does not work with main power switch light ON.  Check top cover (Magnetic safety switch) to make sure it is closed, check voltage supple fuse (2.5A), possible main PC Board problem.

Dispenser runs but the tape does not come out.  The red pressure wheel not over the tape, traction rollers may have lubricant on them, or check for a broken drive belt.

Dispenser runs but the tape does not come out.  Check to see if the red roller is in the middle of the tape, check for lubricant on the feed wheels, check for a broken drive belt.

Dispenser does not dispense tape length set by dial.  Last piece of tape not taken (repress DISPENSE and remove), Poor placement of red roller (should be in the center of the tape being dispensed), tape slipping due to lubricant on feed wheels, screw holding the timing disc to the motor gearbox shaft is loose (tighten), check for faulty PC board.

Dispenser will not cut the tape.  Check for red light, if off, press DISPENSE button to reactivate.  Check for blade wear or adhesive build up.  Clean or replace as necessary.

Dispensed piece of tape stick to work surface.  Move machine closer to the edge of the counter top, and check for static build up.

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