Bottle-Matic 16-II Label Applicator

Part Number:135M-BM16-II
Bottle-Matic 16-II Label Applicator
Bottlematic II 10 with Rewinder
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Dispensamatic Bottle-Matic 16-II

Perfect machine for front and back labels on wine bottles!

The perfect machine for labeling your front and back labeled cylindrical containers. The Bottle-Matic is a low-cost table-top solutions to help you improve your labeling speed and process.  Our machines will wrap your bottles, cans, tubes, and jars!  Label objects from .5" to 6" diameter (some items bigger but testing required) with labels up to 15" wide.

Even if your can or bottle has ridges, we can customize the rollers to work with them. It's simple - just send us your container and roll of labels, and we'll do the rest.

This unit is great for short run wine, beer, jellies, jams, sauces, and spice containers.

Cylinder type label applicators with speeds up to 1000 Pieces per hour!

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Dispensamatic Rewinder for Liner

Highly recommended:

Avoid clear cellophane liner backing paper. If you use it, you will need to order your machine with the optional Waste Rewinder this material wants to cling to the machine and get tangled in rollers.

The Optional 6" Rewinder makes the job of keeping up with the label liner waste easy and needs to be ordered and installed with a new machine.

Copy position of the label

Check with us for the correct copy position of the label on the roll so the label will apply in the correct position. Labels should be produced in "Position 3" or "Position 4" for most products. The best position for wine bottles is #3.

Dispensamatic Bottlematic II

Label is in "position 3" for wine bottles because the bottle extends past the left side frame.

Tapered bottles? Send us samples and labels and we will test!

Warranty: Limited 3 Years on parts and labor!


Large Roll Adapter Kit
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