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Bottle-Matic OS Label Applicator

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The best solution for labeling bottles, cans, and jars, and even handles many tapered. Send your labels and containers in for a live video demo.
Part Number: 135M-BOTTLEMATIC-OS

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Label wine bottles, vitamin bottles, beer bottles, etc. The ultimate Total Solution.

Are you looking for a way to apply labels on bottles straight and even? Tired of crooked labels? The Bottle-Matic label applicators consistently applies the labels straight and even so all your bottles on the shelf look professionally labeled.  

The Bottle-Matic OS (optical sensor) is everything you get in the standard Bottle-Matic, plus more! This machine uses a newly designed optical sensor that is able to handle a variety of new label rolls, including those which have odd spacing between the labels, and improved tapered containers abilities. 

The standard machine will label objects from 1" to 10" diameter with labels up to 9" or 15" wide depending upon model. The Bottle-Matic OS includes all the bells and whistles: the rewinder, bottle detector, optical label sensor, and fully adjustable front roller. The OS is also pre-wired for the compatible Smart-Jet Ink Jet Printer.  If you are labeling round objects from .5" up to 1" make sure to check the box for the larger roller blocks.

New design includes the new self adjusting OPTICAL SENSOR to determine the gap between the labels thus eliminating the label switch that used to detect the leading edge of the label. Works with all paper liners. If you have a clear liner you may need an upgrade on the sensor. The fully adjustable front roller guide handles all sorts of tapered containers by allowing slight widening of the rollers as needed.

We strongly encourage you to send sample containers and a roll of label for testing. In some cases we may need to modify the front rollers to accommodate bulges, lips, caps, and ridges in your container. It's simple - just send us your container and roll of labels, we'll do the rest. Customizing is based on an hourly charge, but if we can't make it work, you'll pay NOTHING!

This unit is great for hand sanitizer, short run wine, beer, jellies, jams, sauces, and spice containers.

Cylinder-type label applicator with speeds up to 1000 pieces per hour!

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Made in USA

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Dispensamatic Rewinder for Liner


The 6" Rewinder comes standard on the OS and makes the job of keeping up with the label liner.

Copy position of the label

Check with us for the correct copy position of the label on the roll so the label will apply in the correct position. Labels should be produced in "Position 3" or "Position 4" for most products.

Dispensamatic Bottlematic II

Label is in "position 3" for wine bottles because the bottle extends past the left side frame.

Warranty: Limited 3 Full Years on parts and labor!

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