Dispensamatic Bottlematic I-II

Microswitch Adjustment**


First test the action of the switch to be sure it is working properly. With the machine turned off, slowly push the lever down towards the rubber roller. You should almost immediately hear the switch "click". You may need to be fairly close to the switch in order to hear this. If you do not hear a click, the microswitch lever may need to be adjusted. (See bottom of page for the procedures). If the switch is working properly, follow the instructions below.

Determine what problem you are having when the foot-switch is depressed.

The label for the feed roller turns, but label does not dispense at all. This is not a micro switch problem; the tension on the label roll is too tight. First check the tension of the labels from where they come off the roll and thru the dispensing tables. There should be little or no slack on that on that portion of labels, however if they are pulled too tight, the roller will not be able to advance the labels. If there is too much tension on the labels, loosen the thumb screwon one locking collar and move it slightly away from the roll guide. Once the correct tension is acheived, re-tighten the thumb screw.

For the following problems follow the directions below:

The labels feeds out partially and the label rollers stop. The micro switch will need to be rotated forward towards the dispensing table.

The labels do not stop dispensing. The micro switch will need to be rotated back towards the rubber roller.

The label does not dispense smoothly- it appears to "stutter" as it is dispensed. The micro switch is just slightly out of correct alignment. Rotate the switch very slightly towards the dispensing table.

As a rule, you should hear the micro switch "click" around 1/16" away from the dispensing table.

**This is the old style switch! The new style is a "photo eye"

If you need to replace the old style micro switch, contact our service department. The old style switch has been discontinued. The new style switch requires a change of circuit board in addition to the switch.

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