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Parts List

Circuit Board Area - Labeling Area - Loose Parts - Motors Area

Notes: Circuit board and label sensor switches have changed since the introduction of the Bottle-Matic. Before ordering, consult with our sales office to determine what you need to replace to update your machine.  If a part number is not offered when you hold your mouse over the picture, it may be determined by the width of the machine or model.  

Special notice regarding the label switch.

 Part Number  Description
 Common Parts
   1032-1  Thumb Screw
   16121  115v. Toggle Switch
   16125  115v. Power Cord
   16131  5/8 Bronze Bushing - (2) per machine
   18006  Table Lock
   18015  Table Lock Bolt
   45172  Collar for Roll Holder with Thumb Screw
   45204  Rubber Grommet
   BM003  Foot Switch
   BM007  Right Side-Frame
   BM008  Left Side-Frame
   BM009L  Left Bottle Adjustment Bar
   BM009R  Right Bottle Adjustment Bar
   BM010  Aluminum Bottle Roller
   BM012L  Left Aluminum Bottle Roller Block w/ Bushing
   BM012R  Right Aluminum Bottle Roller Block w/ Bushing
   BM012-2T  Optional Tall Block Mounting Rollers (set)
   BM014  Pressure Arm Assembly
   BM015  Bottle Guide - Metal
   BM016  Bottle Guide Mounting Block
   BM019  Roll Guide (2 per set)
   BM020  Roll Guide Tension Spring
   BM1051  Switch Housing
   BM115  115V Motor (4276) - Back
   BM1152  115V Motor (4275) - Front
   BM130  Motor Housing Cover
   BM16105PE  Microswitch and Housing - New Style
10" Wide Machine
   10005  10" Dispensing Table
   10009  10" Hold-down Plate
   10010  10" Roll Holder Rod
   10106  10" Rubber Driver Roller
   10172  1/2" x 10" Chrome Rod
   101081  10" Chrome Feed Roller
   101082  3/8" x 10" Blued Rod
   101083  3/8" x 10" Chrome Rod
   BM10010  10" Aluminum Bottle Roller
   BM10172  1/2" x 10" Flat Shaft
 16" Wide Machine
   16106  16" Rubber Drive Roller
   16108  16" Feed Roller Assembly
   16172  1/2" x 16" Chrome Rod
   18005-s  16" Dispensing Table (sharp)
   18009  Hold-Down Plate
   18010  Roll Holder Rod
   161081  16" Chrome Feed Roller
   161082  3/8" x 16" Blued Rod
   161083  3/8" x 16" Chrom Rod
   161084  Feed Roller Hinge
   161085  Hinge Bushing
   161087  Long Hinge Spring
   BM16172  1/2" x 16" Flat Shaft
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