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Parts List

Circuit Board Area - Labeling Area - Loose Parts - Motors Area

Notes: Circuit board and label sensor switches have changed since the introduction of the Bottle-Matic. Before ordering, consult with our sales office to determine what you need to replace to update your machine.  If a part number is not offered when you hold your mouse over the picture, it may be determined by the width of the machine or model.  

The Bottle-Matic OS shares many of the same parts with the standard Bottle-Matic. For OS specific parts such as the sensor, circuit board, or additional bars, please call us as (770) 554-1187

Special notice regarding the label switch.

 Part Number  Description
 Common Parts
   1032-1  Thumb Screw
   16121  115v. Toggle Switch
   16125  115v. Power Cord
   16131  5/8 Bronze Bushing - (2) per machine
   18006  Table Lock
   18015  Table Lock Bolt
   45172  Collar for Roll Holder with Thumb Screw
   45204  Rubber Grommet
   BM003  Foot Switch
   BM007  Right Side-Frame
   BM008  Left Side-Frame
   BM009L  Left Bottle Adjustment Bar
   BM009R  Right Bottle Adjustment Bar
   BM010  Aluminum Bottle Roller
   BM012L  Left Aluminum Bottle Roller Block w/ Bushing
   BM012R  Right Aluminum Bottle Roller Block w/ Bushing
   BM012-2T  Optional Tall Block Mounting Rollers (set)
   BM014  Pressure Arm Assembly
   BM015  Bottle Guide - Metal
   BM016  Bottle Guide Mounting Block
   BM019  Roll Guide (2 per set)
   BM020  Roll Guide Tension Spring
   BM1051  Switch Housing
   BM115  115V Motor (4276) - Back
   BM1152  115V Motor (4275) - Front
   BM130  Motor Housing Cover
   BM16105PE  Microswitch and Housing - New Style
10" Wide Machine
   10005  10" Dispensing Table
   10009  10" Hold-down Plate
   10010  10" Roll Holder Rod
   10106  10" Rubber Driver Roller
   10172  1/2" x 10" Chrome Rod
   101081  10" Chrome Feed Roller
   101082  3/8" x 10" Blued Rod
   101083  3/8" x 10" Chrome Rod
   BM10010  10" Aluminum Bottle Roller
   BM10172  1/2" x 10" Flat Shaft
 16" Wide Machine
   16106  16" Rubber Drive Roller
   16108  16" Feed Roller Assembly
   16172  1/2" x 16" Chrome Rod
   18005-s  16" Dispensing Table (sharp)
   18009  Hold-Down Plate
   18010  Roll Holder Rod
   161081  16" Chrome Feed Roller
   161082  3/8" x 16" Blued Rod
   161083  3/8" x 16" Chrom Rod
   161084  Feed Roller Hinge
   161085  Hinge Bushing
   161087  Long Hinge Spring
   BM16172  1/2" x 16" Flat Shaft
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