Cyklop C25

Operating Instructions


Technical data


General remarks

Machine description


Mounting and filling the bottle

Control of moistening and water level

Loading of the tape roll

Operating instructions

Maintenance and care

Parts List by Pictures:

Under the Top Cover - Cutting Blade Area Key Drum Side -Water/Loose Parts - View with Side Frame Off - Yoke and Gear Area


Dimensions of machine: 17.7" x 11.4" x 9.84" Approx.
Weight of machine:  28.6 lbs. Approx.
Voltage and frequency:  USA 115v, 60 Hz
Control circuit in DC 24 Volts
Electrical power:  100 W
Dispensing velocity:  147.6'/min.
Length:  min. 4"/max. 46"
Sound level measures in room:  less than 70 dB(A)


Width:  min. .78"/max. 4".
Maximum roll diameter:  7.87"; with device for bigger rolls (supplied on request) 11.8".


-Before using this machine carefully read the operating instructions.  They contain important indications on installation safety, use and maintenance.

-Keep this booklet with care for any further reference.  It’s customer responsibility to make sure that the personnel who will use the machines reads and understands this booklet.

-The builder cannot be made responsible for eventual damage to people, animals or things deriving from non observation of the safety norms and the warnings here contained.


-Follow the safety and prevention rules for accidents and fires issued by the competent authorities, such as the eventual recommendations of industrial associations and trade unions in terms of personnel safety.

-This tape dispenser is designed and manufactured only to dispense gummed tape.  A different use from that advised is not considered specific.  CYKLOP will not assume any responsibility following an improper use of the machine.

-After unpacking check the integrity of the machine.  In case of doubt do not use the machine and enquire directly to the reseller.

-Verify that the voltage of the machine is the same as the one you are about to use.  Otherwise do not use the machine and enquire directly to the reseller.

-The electrical safety of this machine is guaranteed only when it is correctly connected to a grounded electrical system as prescribed by the present electrical safety rules.

-When you disconnect the machine from the electrical plug, always pull by seizing the plug not the cable.

-Never touch or operate the machine with wet hands or barefoot.

-Do not leave the machine on for long periods of time.  Turn off the main switch of the machine when it is not begin used.

-Keep the machine away from children and from personnel who are not authorized or adequately instructed in the use of it.

-The use of the machine, as prescribed by the builder, also includes the respect of the rules of inspection, maintenance and repair.

-Some parts of the machine reach dangerous temperatures and therefore they should NEVER be touched with the hands.  The top heater, if functioning, can reach a high temperature (212 degrees Fahrenheit).

-Keep the machine always in good status, clean and dry.

-The machine performs better in a rather dry environment; therefore we discourage usage in damp places.  Working with gummed paper in humid places can create problems; it performs better in dry places.


A  Main cable and plug

B  Side cover

C  Main light switch

D  Switch-board

L  Top Heater

M  Water tank

I  Top heater switch

N  Water bottle



E  Green pushbutton ‘free length’ – it dispenses tape continuously until released.

F  Pushbuttons for dispensing 11 pre-set lengths of tape

G  +2 pushbutton:  it increases pre-set lengths by 2 inches.

H  ‘SHORT LENGTH’ sets one short length of tape -  ‘LONG LENGTH’ sets one length of tape longer than the first one

Q  Colored indicators



-Before using a new dispenser, wash the moistening brush with water and soap.  Rinse it with water.

-After inserting the brush in the water tank, proceed to mounting the water tank itself following the operations below.

Switching the machine on.

-Insert main plug into proper outlet and switch the machine on.

Loading of water tank (Fig.2)

-With the right hand keep the green button pressed.

-Take the water tank with the left hand and insert the pivot in the proper seats as indicated by the arrow.

-Turn the water tank following the arrow direction on picture 2 till it touches the back part of the machine.

-Lower the water tank till it locks into position.  Release green button.

-To remove the water tank keep the green button pressed with the right hand and lift it with the left one and, by rotating it remove it from its seat.

Mounting of top heater.

-Place the top heater (L) in the water tank, above the moistening brush, in its proper housing.


-Mount the bottle holders (black plastic U-shaped parts) on the left side of the machine, inserting at first the upper tooth in its housing and then the lower one until it locks into position as shown in fig. 3.

-Fill the bottle through the hole with clean water.  Put a finger on the hole and place the bottle in its housing with hole on the tank.

Suggestion:  the machine works with drinkable water.  Do not use water with carbonates; for safeguarding some parts we suggest demineralised water. 

In case drops of water fall on the machine immediately wipe it dry.


-Before removing the bottle, make sure that it does not contain water, otherwise cover the filling hole with a finger to avoid outlet of water.

-Adjust the moistening of tape according to the quality of glue and paper.

-To increase or decrease the water quantity in the tank, and therefore on paper, adjust the level on minimum, medium, maximum, (3 levels).  Do not exceed in wetting the tape.  Usually the medium level is enough.


-Adjust roll guide plates (S in picture 5) to width of tape and place in their seats.

-Insert the tape in the guide plates so that the paper comes out turned towards the front part (blades) with gummed side down.

-Verify that the roller is correctly placed in its seat (R fig. 5 for gummed out rolls and T for gummed in rolls) and that it rotates freely.

-When mounting the paper roll follow the tape path as shown in picture 6 for gummed out rolls and picture 7 for gummed in rolls.

-Insert moving plate (O in picture 8) with rear wing turned up, place it near plate P in picture 8.

-Insert gummed tape under the moving plate (O) and push it all the way.  Make sure that the moving plate presses on the tape.


-After inserting the tape and having followed the above instructions, the machine is ready to work.

-Plug in and switch on as explained on page 5.

-Push the button corresponding to the desired length of tape F.

-To obtain middle lengths of tape push +2 button to add 2 inches. G.

-In case you want a ‘free’ length of tape push the green button E.  It will dispense tape until released.

Setting Program Keys

-Electronic dispenser Model C-25 allows to memorize one or two different tape lengths (a short one and a long one) with pushbuttons H.

 NOTE – The following procedure is to be executed every time the dispenser is switched on.

-Press ‘SHORT LENGTH’ pushbutton and, keeping it pressed, press the button corresponding to the desired length.

-Release both buttons.  The length is now set.

-Repeat the same operation to set a second length, longer than the first one pressing ‘LONG LENGTH’ pushbutton.

-The two memorized lengths can be signaled by the two colored indexes Q placed beside the pushbuttons F.

-By activating ‘+2’ pushbutton G (light on) before carrying out the above described operations, it is possible to set on the pushbuttons ‘SHORT LENGTH’ and/or ‘LONG LENGTH’ intermediate sizes of tape (6,10,

Top Heater

-By pressing I pushbutton the top heater is activated (light on).  Top heater use is advised in cold environments and with particular types of gummed paper.  It is possible to exclude the use of the top heater by pressing the same pushbutton (light off).

Regulating the weight on the top heater.

-In general, for light types of paper take off the weight fixed with a screw on the top heater; for heavier types of tape unscrew and rotate the weight placing the bent part on the front part of top heater.

-Paper jamming often happens when the weight has not been removed.

-After having used the machine, always turn the main switch C off and unplug.



-Our tools are safe.  Repairs have to be made either at our assistance centers or by adequately trained personnel.  Improper repairs could cause accidents to the user.  Use exclusively original parts.

ATTENTION!!  For dispenser cleaning never use water.  Use only compressed air or dry cloth and/or brushes.

ATTENTION!!  Before every operation of cleaning, maintenance or repair, the machine MUST be unplugged.

ATTENTION!!  Before any maintenance work check that the top heater has a temperature lower than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Danger of burning

-Maintenance should be carried out only by adequately trained personnel.




-Wash the brush with warm water and soap and rinse it thoroughly.

-Clean machine with compressed air to remove dirt and residues.

ATTENTION!!  Danger of burning with top heater.  It can reach a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit.



-Grease with an oilcan (just a drop) on the cutting blades

-Do not grease or oil the rubber wheel:  clean it with water or alcohol.  The wheel can be reached by taking off the moving plate (Fig. 8 O).

-When removing the bottle, cover the filling hole with a finger to avoid water outlet.

-Clean the water trough, after its removal, with warm water and soap.

ATTENTION!!  Danger of burning with top heater.  It can reach a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit.



-Make sure the top heater has reached a temperature of lower than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Disconnect machine from mains.

Never use water or liquids.

-Clean, once a month, only the outside surface of the heater close to the brush with a cloth dipped in decalcifying product.  In case of calcium deposit, remove it with a very fine abrasive cloth or with a thin blade without scratching or damaging the surface.  In case of many crustings, replace the heater.  We advise replacement of top heater after 3500 hours of working.

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