Clam Shell Sealers

Clam shells consist of a hinged sheet of thermoformed plastic that surrounds the product and can be secured with a heat or ultrasonic sealer. Sealing the clam shell keeps all of the contents together and in new condition and allows the purchaser to view the product prior to purchase.

Constant heat clam shell sealers mean the heat is always on during operation. The operator squeezes the handles to apply a seal along the edge of a clam shell. If multiple seals are required the DPC-I2 will seal two spots, the DPC-100 will apply up to six seals in the same time it takes to do one seal. Ultrasonic clam shell sealers remain cool to the touch and seal much faster than the constant heat sealers.

We recommend having your clam shells tested.  Some imported clam shells from China will not properly seal with heat or ultrasonics due to recycled content.  Our recommendations for those shells is to use staples or clear stickers.