Marking and Coding Solutions:

How do you add an expiration date or lot number to your product? We offer several methods for adding a use by date to your products using simple handheld markers, to stampers, roller coders, stencils, and/or ink jet printing systems. We start with low cost hand held stampers with changeable rubber type and offer solutions up to automated ink jet systems depending upon how much automation you need. We also install our ink jet printers on conveyors, tape dispensers and label applicators. 

  • Ink Jet - High performance, high definition, programmable, varying. Print clear and legible date codes on your products. Messages are created through software.
  • Case Roller Coders - Passive friction coding on cartons. Print heights from 1 - 3 inches. Messages are made using rubber type set.
  • By Hand - Low cost, low resolution. If you just need to get some information on your product, this could be a great low cost solutions. Smudging can occur.

  • Ink Jet Ink Jet
    High resolution hand held or mountable ink jet to drop on demand low cost printers for marking and coding products with expiration date codes to bar codes.