Conveyor for Code Date Printer

Part Number:888M-Conveyor-36-8
Conveyor for Code Date Printer
Conveyor pictured with optional Smart-Jet Plus Printers attached.
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Conveyor Legs
Without Legs
34"-40" To Top of Belt
40"-46" To Top of Belt
Printer Mounting Bracket and Hardware
Conveyor Only
Mount 1 Printer
Mount 2 Printers
Mount 2 Printers Same Side
Motor/Speed help
Standard 23' per Minute
32' per Minute
Variable Speed Motor

36" x 8" Wide Motorized Belt Conveyor 

Set up to Code Date Products with the Smart-Jet Ink Jet Printer

We have taken an 8" motorized conveyor and a custom made mounting bracket to mount one or two MSSC Smart-Jet Ink Jet Printers. Code and identify products two at a time, or print on the front and back of your products simultaneously. The price includes the conveyor and table top mounting feet. Mounting bracket, printers, and stand sold separately.

The low profile conveyor is made with an anodized aluminum frame with a fixed speed motor.  The motor speed is 23 FPM using a 1/30 HP fixed speed gear motor. Two side guide rails are included to guide products to the printer.  Standard conveyor also includes table top foot assemblies with non-marring inserts and 2" extensions.

Additional models available in different widths and lengths.  Variable speed motors available. Call for details.

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