Cyklop Lapomatic Gummed Tape Machine

Part Number:434M-C25
Cyklop Lapomatic Gummed Tape Machine
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Cyklop Lapomatic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

Note:  Pre-measured lengths on the USA machine will run 4" up to 44" in 4" increments with a +2" key. )

New from Cyklop and it runs all DC at 24V

Looking for a better way to seal boxes?  Gummed water-activated tape is the strongest tape on the market to close and seal cartons for shipping.  The tape forms a natural bond with the carton fibers.  With plastic tape, dusty cartons can be a challenge, because the dust prevents the tape from sticking properly to the carton.  With water activated tape, the dust will not interfere with the tape sticking since the glues absorb into the carton fibers.

Cyklops makes the quietest machine on the market. Normal conversation is now possible next to the machine.  All steel side frames, solid electronics, a good moistening delivery system, and large water bottle are a few of the advantages. Heater standard to help reactivate the hardened dried glues.

  • Motor, Top Heater and Control Circuits: 24 Volts DC
  • Waterproof 'Soft Touch' Keyboard
  • Cuts Kraft Paper and Kraft Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape
  • 22 pre-set measures from 4" to 44" with a +2" key
  • Two Push button Keys to memorize lengths for "H" box sealing.
The Lapomatic replaces the C25.  From the outside, both machines look alike.  The Lapomatic offers an improved moistening system, dispensing speed, and better circuit board.

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