Single and multi-point clam shell sealing solutions.

DPC offers constant heat sealers to create a single point, seal on plastic packaging. These jaws remain hot while the unit is on and enables operators to create seal after seal with very little down/recovery time for the unit. As you are sealing clam shells, there will be heat lost to the clam shell with each seal. The more you seal, and the faster you seal, you may find it takes a moment for the jaws to get back up to temperature. It is very important to note that sealing time is completely dependent upon the operator. These dispensers operate along a pivot point or slide, and the seal is based on how long you squeeze the handle, or press down on the unit, and what material you're sealing.

Not all clam shells are the same. Some plastics cannot be heat sealed. We recommend testing your packaging prior to implementation to ensure a proper seal and get a 'feel' for how long you need to apply the heat.

We offer free testing at our location. Please send 6-10 sample clam shells to our location:

2421B Lance Court

Loganville, GA 30052


DPC-10 Single Point Sealer


Single Seal. Hand-held, light weight, inexpensive.

The DPC-10 Constant Heat Sealer creates seals one a time. A great low cost machine to start you down the road of sealing your own clam shells. Not all clam shells are the same. We recommend testing clam shells to make sure these constant heat sealers will create a seal. Some imported clam shells will not work.


All DPC heat sealers come standard with high and low heat settings. The jaws are made of a high impact plastic housing with maintenance free Teflon coated sealing surfaces on the jaws.

Extra wide jaws are available for all units except the DPC-100. The wider jaws offer a more secure seal but do take a little longer to seal, and for the heat to recuperate. 

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