DPC Enterprises

From single to multiple point clam shell sealing solutions.

DPC-100 Multi-point Sealer - Seal up to six spots at the same time to increase product flow!

I-Bar 2 Points - Discontinued.  Two spots, same time, done.

I-Bar 3 Points -  Discontinued.  Three spots, same time, done.

 DPC-10 Single Point Sealer 

Light weight sealer seals or "welds" OPS, PSP, PVC, EPS cases and is ideal for clam shells. Not all clam shells are the same. We recommend testing clam shells to make sure these constant heat sealers will create a seal. Some imported clam shells will not work.

All constant heat devices above are standard with high and low settings.  High impact plastic housing with maintenance free Teflon coated sealing surfaces on the jaws.

Extra wide jaws are available for all units except the DPC100. The wider jaws offer a more secure seal but do take a little longer to recuperate.