DPC Handheld Clam Shell Sealer

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DPC Handheld Clam Shell Sealer
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DPC-10 Clam Shell Sealing

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The DPC-10 hand-held clam shell sealer is a basic, low cost constant heat sealer.  When sealing clam shells, the operator takes the unit and inserts the edge of the clam shell into the jaws and squeezes the handles together.  After 2 or 3 seconds the clam shell will melt together and form a seal.  Not all clam shells are equal. Some of the cheaper clam shells are difficult to seal as the plastics used in the shell are of lower quality.  We recommend testing to ensure a good fit.

Light weight sealer seals or "welds" OPS, PSP, PVC, EPS cases and is ideal for clam shells.

This constant heat device is standard with high and low settings.  High impact plastic housing with maintenance free Teflon coated sealing surfaces on the jaws.

Clam Shell Sealer Jaws Clam Shell Sealer DPC-10 Jaws

The pictures above will give you a view of the jaws compared to a ruler.

We also carry special sealing heads for this unit. Check out the related products below that fit the DPC10.

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