Dispensa-matic Label Dispensers

Do you have labeling applications where employees take a roll of labels or die cut parts, find either the end of the roll, or where the next label is, peel it off the liner, then stick it on the item? Sometimes do they have to search or find where they left the roll? Need to speed up the labeling process?

Table top units are 5 times faster for quick pick and stick.

Traditional "Pick and Stick" Units:

U-25: The smallest available for up to 2 1/2" wide.

Micro-Switch Model or the

Photo Eye Model

U-45: Most Common for rolls or fan-fed 3/8" to 4 1/2" wide.
Photo Eye, or
High speed (Photo eye only),
models available.

U-60: Labels on rolls or fan-fed up to 6"wide. Operators just pick and stick, pick and stick.

Micro-Switch Model or the

Photo Eye Model

Machines are 5 or more times faster. How? It's what we call "Pick and Stick". The machine presents the label to the operator, they pick it off the machine, and stick it. While the operator applies it, the next one is fed out into position for fast removal.

If you have a difficult label, send a sample roll - partials rolls will suffice - and we will test it to find the best solution. We do live video demos or record a video and email.

Specialty Applicators:

The BOTTLE-MATIC cylinder label applicators.

How do you make the best, better? You offer the model in different widths!
 Now available in 10" and 16" versions.

Available in 10" and 16" models. New OS (Optical Switch) Models, click here.

Apply labels to bottles, cans, jars, and more. Single sided or Double sided applicators. Operators just place the container on the rollers and press the foot switch for automatic application.

"Dispensa-Matic III" line!

DMIII series for sticky side up. This unit is customized with a "jig" for accurate placement. Now with a Photo Eye. Call or email with your details.

"Dispensa-Matic II"

Three models widths to choose from: 6-II, 10-II, 16-II. Wide and Large roll dispensers.


Labeling paper or poly bags, cd cases, envelopes, or other flat item? This unit is the newest addition to the -matic family. Due to the customizing on this unit, samples are necessary to determine if the machine will work properly. Call or email for specifics.  Now available with an Optical Switch for better accuracy.


Discontinued Scooter: Hand held unit that you scoot along the item. 
Simple Simon: 4", or 6" All metal table top unit, well constructed for long life.
Simple DLM dispensers designed even better by Dispensamatic.  Label sits on spring due to angle of stripper plate!

We offer the full line of products and replacement service parts.

Butt-Cut or Die-Cut Labels? If you have a gap between labels, you have die-cut.

American Flab

Made in USA

If you need a NAFTA Certificate with your purchase to Canada
or Mexico request one at the time of purchase!

Are you a label manufacturer? Do you have a customer needing a dispenser? Send them to our site. WE DON'T SELL LABELS! For best solution, we prefer to get a sample of the label to test. Email by clicking here.

For more info on the USA factory, click here.