End of Line Coding

End of line coding is used to mark products with date codes, shift codes, or other important information. It can be accomplished with a roller coder, large character ink jet system, high definition thermal ink jet printer, or a label. 

When evaluating the best coding technology, it is important to have a full understanding of the total cost of ownership. Like any packaging solution, end-of-line coding solutions, such as large character inkjet and print-and-apply labeling, each have direct and indirect costs that can add up over the life of the machine. 

A large cost of ownership after the purchase of the equipment is the cost of supplies: Inks and/or type. The next cost to consider is the product changeover considerations, like the time it takes to change the message. The last major cost is the maintenance of the printer. 

Roller coders are typically low cost, low supplies, low maintenance. If the printed message is only changed once a day or less with a low resolution requirement, it is the option we recommend. We carry the Universal brand of roller coders, hand held or case sealer mounted.  For more info click for Porous or Non-Porous.

For high definition, small text, or variable coding situations, the thermal ink jet solution works great. Depending upon model, the printed information can change with each print. However, it carries a higher cost in regards to the replacement ink jet cartridges. We carry the MSSC brand of Smart-Jet Thermal Ink Jet Printers.

If you are looking for an end of like coding solution, give us a call. Better yet, send an email with pictures of your operation and we will help you decide the best solution for your application.

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