Fountain Brush for Stenciling

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Fountain Brush for Stenciling
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Marsh Refillable Fountain Brush

The Marsh Fountain Brush ensures solid stencil coverage and strong, clear marks, Great for uneven surfaces, such as crates or concrete.

  • No-mess operation - ink refill is at the handle end of the brush.
  • Extend product life with replaceable brush tips.
  • Use brushes for porous and non-porous applications with the appropriate ink.
  • Includes polypropylene cap to protect genuine hogs hair tip.
  • Use with K or Rolmark ink, but avoid using both inks in the same unit since they are not compatible.

For replacement brushes order 30142 Fountain Brush Replacement Tip.

The Fountain Brush has also been used for some solvents in cleaning military weapons.