How to Use a Marsh Refillable Fountain Roller

Marsh Refillable Fountain Roller

These rollers are familiar to some, and easy to use for all! I asked myself, "how would someone figure out how to use these fountain rollers if I just handed them one?" After looking around on Google, I wasn't able to find the instruction insert that comes with these rollers. So, I scanned the sheet into a .pdf!

Click here for the .pdf instructions, schematic, and parts list

If you just need instructions, I've typed up it up below:


  • Fill the Fountain Roller handle with the proper ink. We offer Marsh Rolmark and K Stencil
  • Pump roller 30 to 50 strokes while rolling back and forth on stencil board. (Do not use an absorbent material.) For uniform distribution of ink, apply extra pressure and use an inking path of at least 12".
  • To test for uniformity, make a test roll on a clean carton using normal rolling pressure.


  • Pass the roller back and forth over the stencil with straight passes. If one side of the roller inks too heavily, turn it over.
  • When more ink is needed, pump once or twice before or while stenciling.

Operating Hints

  • To correct unequal distribution of ink, roll on a test surface applying extra pressure.
  • Do not allow the roller to dry.
  • During continuous stenciling, occasionally pump ink to prevent drying.
  • When not in use, use the roller cover to protect the foam rubber.

Cleaning the Inking System

  • Remove the screw and then the roller.
  • Wipe spindle and cover the orifice with an absorbent cloth.
  • Fill the reservoir 1/4 full with the proper solvent: Rolmark Solvent (if using Rolmark Inks) or K Stencil Solvent (if using K Stencil Inks).
  • Shake vigorously; then empty the reservoir.
  • Refill the reservoir 1/4 with solvent. Keep orifice covered with an absorbent cloth. Flush roller by pumping.
  • Drain all the solvent, lubricate seals and bearing with light machine oil, reinstall roller and refill with proper ink.

Replacing the Roller

  • Remove the screw and then the roller.
  • Wipe and lubricate the spindle with light machine oil.
  • Install the new roller

Replacing the Pump

  • Unscrew the hex nut and remove the pump assembly.
  • Lubricate casting and threads of the new pump with light machine oil.
  • Install the new pump assembly with the hux nut.

Replacing the O-Rings

  • Remove the screw and then the roller
  • Remove the O-Rings with a pointed tool; be careful not to damage the bearing surface.
  • Install the new O-Rings
  • Lubricate the O-Rings and bearings with light machine oil and reinstall the roller.

Replacing the Spindle (1 1/2" // 3")

  • Remove the screw and then the roller.
  • Unscrew the spindle using pliers to grasp the neck area
  • Install the new spindle by using pliers to grasp the neck area.
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