Ink Jet Printing
Do you have a product that requires a date code, lot number, or variable information to be printed on the product? There are many methods to accomplishing this, and can be as simple as writing it by hand, or incorporating an ink jet printer with a conveyor system. Typically our coding sales are correlated with the scale of your operation. If you're doing small runs <200, a hand stamp can be more than sufficient for your operation. As your operation grows into the thousands and beyond, one can easily begin to see the value ink jet printers offer. The operator is able to mount the printer to a conveyor, and as products pass by, information is printed directly on to the product.

Pro Pack Solutions offers the MSSC Smart-Jet Printer series. We have found great success with these units, and they have quickly become a prominent unit in the market. Our price for the Smart-Jet PLUS as of today, 1/24/19, is $1,678.75. Ink cartridges come in porous and non-porous depending on the surface you are printing on. Non-porous cartridges are able to print on glass, metal, and other surfaces, and has a very fast dry time. A couple principles that much be accomplished are as follows:

  • Product must pass within a quarter of an inch or 6mm of the print head
  • Printer must be mounted perpendicularly to product in order to not distort the print

This is not to say these are the only things to take note of. There are other requirements that can arise depending upon your application. We encourage you to call our office so that we can talk about your specific requirement. Our offices can be reached at (770) 554-1187. If preferred, my email is [email protected]

There are various ways to communicate with the printer. Either through a wireless keyboard, bluetooth, your computer, or incorporating it in to an existing database. For the sake of brevity in this article, please call for more information. I anticipate writing a future article detailing the different was to interact with the printer.

Pro Pack Solutions is the first company to incorporate an ink jet printer into a table-top bottle labeling machine offered as a total solution. One may order +10,000 labels at a time to use in production over the course of x amount of months. As you produce your product, you will need to print an ever changing expiration date on your product. By backing an ink jet printer up to the bottle labeler, we have created a machine in which you can print a different expiration date every day. This system ends the day with just a handful of labels with code printed on them, as there is some space between where the printer prints, and the machine applies the label to the bottle.

There are also stand-alone conveyor systems that we offer as a total solution. As your business grows, you will reach a point where hand coding products is too time consuming. If you're starting from scratch, and have no existing conveyor system, our total solution is a great way to get up and running in coding your products. The simple conveyor accomplishes the act of passing your product in front of the printer.

Some customers may ask, "can I not just pass my product in front of the printer myself?" And you absolutely can. The issue you will find is that you must pass the object perpendicularly, within 1/4" (6mm), and at a consistent speed. Any change in speed will negatively affect the character spacing, sizing, and quality of print. Now, this may be of no issue to you! However, to accomplish the clean consistent print that these printers are capable of, one must meet these previously listed parameters.

Handheld ink jet printers such as the DailyJet are also available. Sometimes, your procurement operation my find these hand held units as a better fit. Unlike the standard printers, where an object needs to pass perpendicularly within a quarter of an inch, hand held printers accomplishes this with a small encoder wheel that must make contact with the product as it prints. This encoder wheel also regulates the speed at which you're moving the printer, and adjusts the print accordingly. Thus, still maintaining a clean, legible print. This unit is the life blood of some quality control operations where an employee has to traverse a large warehouse and mark products accordingly.

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