Junior Markers Sample Pack

Part Number:180C-M88FX-6PK-JR
Junior Markers Sample Pack
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Sample Pack Marsh 88FX Junior Markers

One FREE pack with each order. What better way to test the quality of the Marsh brand of markers?

To get your free pack of 6 markers, add this to your shopping cart, while supplies last.

No need to mix and match. We have put together a pack with one of each color.

Fast drying Juniors are xylene free and deliver a dry mark in approximately 30 seconds on metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and more. It is the same water and weather resistant ink as used in it's big brother the standard FX marker.

Junior offers 10ml of ink as opposed to 13ml in the standard markers. The Junior's tip is a 2mm reversible bullet/chisel tip; while the standard FX has a 5mm tip. One of the advantages is the slimmer design making it much more comfortable when used over long periods of time.

The valve activated design regulates pain flow and extends the mileage. The heavy duty tip is made to hold up against repetitive industrial applications.

M88FX - Valve Actuated - Pigmented Based

  • Recommended for heavy duty outdoor use.
  • Xylene Free - Alcohol Based
  • HAPS Free/Prop 65 Compliant
  • Fast drying, permanent, weatherproof marks on Wood, Plastic, Rubber, Metal, corrugated boxes, etc
  • UV Safe, Prop 65 compliant
  • Pack includes one of each color: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue.

  We are unable to ship these markers by air.