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LAB01 Cyli-SIZE Manual Bottle Labeler

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LAB01 Cyli-SIZE Manual Bottle Labeler
Part Number: 195M-LAB01

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LAB01 cyli-SIZE Manual Bottle Labeler

Label bottles, cans, and other round type objects with a simple turn of the crank. 

Electricity is not required.  Portable to any labeling location in your facility.

Humanoid Power Required.

The LAB01 has been redesigned and now uses full-faced rubber rollers to feed labels through the dispenser offering a more positive feed with less hassle. Great for labeling cylinders and bottles that are the same circumference from top to bottom on the widest part.


  • Quickly applies labels to bottles, cans, jars and other cylindrical products.
  • Ideal for short runs.
  • Accurately place labels in same location for consistent look.
  • Easily label different sized cylindrical products from .5" (12.70mm) to 6.5" (165mm) inches in diameter [ChapStick® size to 1 gallon].
  • Heavy-Duty metal construction.
  • No tools required for adjusting to different sized labels.
  • No regular maintenance required.

We recommend sending samples for us to test prior to purchase. With light weight empty bottles the weight may be necessary.

Copy position of the label

Check with us for the correct copy position of the label on the roll so the label will apply in the correct position. Labels should be produced in "Position 4" for most products. 


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