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Label Pasters and Gluers:

We represent both Potdevin and Gluefast.

We carry label gluers from 6" manual up to 60" electrical.

Expensive ink jets and pressure sensitive labels have taken over a large segment of coding and identifying products. With laser jet printers, companies have the ability to print their own labels and use a label gluer to code at a much lower cost. We represent two of the best in the industry and offer equipment for a wide variety of applications for labeling bottles, paint cans, cartons, picture framing, or POS (Point Of Sale) displays.


Several years ago I had a call from a country gentleman asking me for a "Tape Licker" part.  After laughing a bit I realized he was calling his tape machine a tape "licker".  Over the years we have tried to look at equipment and parts from the customers perspective.  Manufactures can call parts by technical terms but we try to understand what normal people would call it.  If you are unable to determine a part you need, take a picture (they are worth a thousand words) and email to the link below.  We will take a look and try to determine what you need.  In addition to the tape machines, we also carry moisteners.