Phoenix Series

Instructions for M-1 and M2

Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser


  • Remove pressure sensitive tape from the upper tape plate used for shipping purposes.  (Upper tape plate is located inside the top cover).
  • Untie pressure plate and remove twist tie.  The pressure plate pivots on top of the moistening brushes and includes two weights.  We recommend two weights for Kraft reinforced gummed tapes and only one for plain Kraft tape.
  • Remove water tank and brushes.  Clean the tank and new brushes with a mild detergent (avoid hand soaps as they contain lanolin lotions which are oil based and will interfere with moistening) and rinse thoroughly.
  • Replace moistening brushes in the water tank with "high" points toward the front.  The brushes will lay in the tank on an angle and when installed properly will appear "flat and level".  The purpose of moistening brushes is to "scratch" into the dried glues to reactivate the tape.
  • Untie the water bottle and fill with tap water.  Hold finger over the spout while replacing the bottle to avoid spills.  Bottle will rest on the adjustable water level screw.  Raise the screw to raise the water level in the tank for heavier reinforced tapes, lower for thinner tapes.  If the machine is being used on an unstable surface, lower the water level to avoid overfilling the tank.

Tape Loading

  • Inside the back of the machine are 2 baffle type plates.  (Tape Guides)  These are adjusted in or out to fit the width of the tape.  The farthest setting is for 3" and each notch that each side is moved inward reduces that by 1/2".
  • Place the roll of tape between the tape guides and feed the tape over the black roller, over the silver roller, and then under the upper tape plate, until the tape reaches the back side of the cutting blades.
  • Pull handle to dispense a small piece to test the machine.
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