M1 Phoenix Manual Parts List

The following pages above are available with more detail. By holding your mouse over the part you need, the part number should show up.

EM1-2 Rear Cover

EM2-2 Water Bottle

M5-2 Handle and Lever Assembly

M4-3 Pressure Plate

EM4-2 Brass Shear Guide Roller

M5-5 Length Adjuster Knob

M3-4 Upper Feed Wheel Shaft and Pinion Gear

M5-1 Main Drive Gear Assembly

M1-4 Scale in Inches

EM2-1 Water Tank (Holds Moistening Brushes)

EM6-1 Lower Front Cover

EM6-2 Water Tank Shelf

M1-3.2 Drum Cover (No Scale)

EM1-1 Top Cover

M2-3 Moistening Brushes

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