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Offering the necessary tools to run an efficient shipping and packaging department!

Stencil Machines

Need to mark lots of items with the same message on cartons, pails, pipes, or crates?  The stencil machine cuts the message out of oilboard for either a single or multiple use for things like addresses, lot numbers, or identification of contents.

  Standard  Marsh stencil cutters   are available in  1/4"1/2"3/4" and 1"

Marsh Stencil ExpressThe Stencil Express offers the capability to cut any size stencil on 24" wide oil board. 
WYSIWYG software included as this unit connects to your computer. Want to avoid making mistakes on manual units? Type it, correct it, then cut it. The Stencil Express also allows you to cut different size characters on the same stencil. Use a larger font for the name, smaller for the address.

Super Size Stencil Cutter  Cut custom stencils from the Marsh Super Size Stencil Cutter
Select up to 10" tall characters! Click here for the Parts List.

 Pogo - Typewriter/Hand Printed Stenciling. Inks available by MSSC, applicators from a different source.



Once you cut the message, you have to leave your mark.

Marsh efi Stencil Ink System

Keep the environment cleaner… less than 4% VOC

Go green with the efi stenciling system!

And now... IN COLOR!!!

Roller or Fountain Brush Systems.

Genuine Marsh Oil Board for cutting your messages into.

Marsh (MSSC) Inks

K Stencil Ink - Marks on porous surfaces.

Ink for Applicator Chart - Right ink for the applicator.

Mark Over Ink - Water Based Liquid Mark Over Ink for cartons.

MSSC Ink Chart - Easy way to find the best ink.

Rolmark Stencil Ink - Marks on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Spray Products - Stencil or Mark Over, Silicone, and Adhesive.

M99-Ink - Ink for refillable markers. (T-Grade ink was replaced with M99 Ink.)

Hand Markers

Markers - "88" and "99"

M88fr - Water based, non-toxic

Buy them by the dozen.

Quick Marking Ink Jet Systems

 Smart-Jet Plus Ink Jet Printer - Our new Smart-Jet Plus is the most compact, reliable, and robust inkjet coder for packaging printing on the market! This legendary workhorse prints on both porous and non-porous surfaces and can print bar codes, QR codes and logos. A large display screen makes it incredibly easy – and highly productive – to operate. Several versions of the Smart-Jet are available.  We offer both porous and non-porous in different colors that work on different surfaces. For a pdf on the inks and surfaces, click here.
 Smart Jet Inkjet Printer offered the ability to use a wireless network and cell phone to program. The base printer was discontinued in 2017 and replaced with the full featured Smart-Jet Plus.
MSSC QM7500 Ink Jet System Unicorn QM7500 is a low cost, compact single line ink jet system that can be quickly installed, programmed and printing in minutes. (Similar to the Unicorn series).  For double line printing select the QM1610.
MSSC QM2 Ink Jet Systems QM2 Series - Discontinued. Replaced by the Smart-Jet Plus. Ink Jet Systems afford a fast and easy way to code date, line/shift/batch, identify, etc boxes as they pass on a conveyor. We still offer ink.

Gummed Tape Dispensers

In the fall of 2005 Marsh replaced the Electra and the 5HT with new models. The new models carry the TD2100 series label with models designated as the TDE110 and TDH.

Three electronic models (also available in 220v):

  • TDH - TD2100 Manual - Inch Scale
  • TDH110 - TD2100 Manual - Inch Scale - 110V Heater

Also available in metric and 220v models.

These newly designed machines offer all steel construction, better cutters and "wide track" dispensing.

We offer most of the parts for the Marshtapers in our shopping cart. Over the years we sold a number of these machines to the paper sales companies.

The following Marshtapers models are from the last 30 years:

Marsh_Ultra.jpg (19050 bytes) marsh_5ht

Marsh tapers over the years have changed their names from the Ultra that was replaced by the Electra which is now replaced by the TD2100 series TDE110 models. The models above were also manufactured for Intertape Polymer Group™ (Central Brand Tape) in red and blue colors. If you purchased machines with your gummed tape and need after warranty service or parts, give us a call. We will be happy to support your needs.

MSSC also purchased National Package Sealing dispensers and the Akro-Matic machines.  A few parts are still in stock. 

American Flag Made in USA

If you need a NAFTA Certificate with your purchase to Canada
or Mexico request one at the time of purchase!

Support Documents in PDF format:

These .pdf files contain parts lists, maintenance instructions, and set up instructions. The files are large and use Adobe to read. If you are unable to view them visit Adobe® Reader® for more info.