Instructions for mounting and printing with the MagiCoder

 by Plas-ties


Remove bolt from spindle holder in brake arm.  Mount MagiCoder on the outside of the arm with the enclosed bolt and washer, and tighten into spindle holder.

Note:  It is recommended by us to use Plas-ties twist tie material in your machine during the warranty period.

To feed material through printer:

  1. Feed material off spool over the top to the rear of the machine. 
  2. Guide material under, around, and over the white roller on the brake arm. 
  3. Feed the material wire side down under the lower roller, and up between the print roller and pressure roller. 

Note:  To verify material is fed properly, the printed message should be on the "flat" side of the tie material or paper side of the plastic/paper 312 stock.

The steps for changing the message are:

  1. Loosen pressure roller by turning plastic nut on reverse side by hand,
  2. Remove lock nut/knurl retainer on print roller,
  3. Remove retainer ring from print roller,
  4. Remove print ring from print roller,
  5. Load print ring with new characters,
  6. Slide print ring back into position,
  7. Guide retainer ring into place,
  8. Screw on lock nut securely.

To adjust the print for clarity:

  1. Adjust pressure roller so that it just touches fonts/letters, then
  2. Insert or adjust ink roller on shaft to touch fonts/letters,

Avoid over inking the ink roller.  Sponge or dab off excess ink.  Replace ink roller periodically.

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