Marsh Markers

Marsh markers are available in several different types depending upon surface being marked on.

Marsh® Markers

Do not be fooled — regular consumer-type markers sold in stationery stores will not hold up in industrial applications. Marsh® markers are built for industrial use. Throw away the rest — invest in the best!

Valve markers have been in use for over 50 years. When the tip is pressed down, it pushes onto a spring loaded plunger which opens the valve, letting the liquid through to the tip and allowing the user to regulate the quantity of liquid dispensed. When the cap is left off, the tip can be re-primed, so you can use all the liquid inside the marker. Marsh® markers last longer than other disposable markers because they contain more ink. And no ink is wasted in our valve operated markers as it flows uninterrupted through a hollow chamber. So Marsh® markers stay wet for thousands of uses.

Marsh®88 Markers mark on any surface – cardboard, wood, fabric, even non-porous surfaces. And now they are available in both xylene and xylene-free (alcohol based) ink. Marsh®88 marker ink won’t fade, even in sunlight.

Marsh M88FX are Xylene free (FX) and have become quite well known in the industrial market. Available in nine brilliant colors, haps free, and Prop 65 compliant, the Marsh® M88FX is the best environmentally-friendly choice in this industry.

To complement this line, the M88FX-Junior is now available. The standard FX contains 13ml of ink, while its Junior part contains 10ml of ink. Considering the size and the price point, the Junior is the best value among standard pigmented markers. The Junior also has the press-tip valve which regulates the paint flow, and a heavy duty tip to withstand heavy industrial applications. The Junior is available in size colors black, blue, orange, red, white, and yellow. Optionally, the Junior is also available in a 6 pack with one of each color.

Marsh M88FR Fade Resistant marker is UV resistant and thus, the most fade resistant marker in the industrial market. This valve activated marker uses a reversible bullet/chisel nib of acrylic fibers. This marker contains less than 1% volatile organic compounds and conforms to ASTM D-4236. It is non-toxic (when used as intended) and non-flammable so there are no shipping concerns. Marks are permanent on most surfaces including metals, plastics, wood, glass, corrugated, shrink film and generally dries in 45 to 60 seconds. Available in black, blue, red, white, and yellow.

For extra heavy-duty use, we offer the Marsh®M99 with refillable ink chamber. The M99 has been designed for specific and demanding applications, and an interchangeable bullet and chisel tips are available. The M99 uses T-Grade Inks available by the quart.

Marsh® capillary markers are specifically designed for demanding industrial and professional use and contain a larger quantity of ink than ordinary capillary markers. Capillary markers have an internal reservoir made of porous material soaked with ink. The ink is fed to the tip by capillary contact with the reservoir. If the marker is left with the cap off, they may dry out.

Our Marsh®X10 markers are available in black and red. These large capillary action disposable markers mark on any surface. They are fast drying and water resistant. Angle the marker in one direction for a bold broad mark or angle the marker in the other direction to produce a slim, neat mark.

As the Marker King™, nothing could complete the line better than the Marsh® KONG. These are our largest capillary fed markers ever — containing 22ml of ink in your choice of black, blue, red, or purple. The Marsh® KONG is constructed in a huge 1″ diameter aluminum barrel with extra large chisel tip for marking in 3 sizes — up to 15mm! Perfect for metals, glass, plastics, rubber, concrete, wood, boxes, textiles, cardboard, and packaging materials. In addition, it’s marks are UV and weather resistant.

When you need to make a serious mark, get serious and grab a Marsh®.

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