Oil Board

Marsh oilboard is cured in a plant that is solely dedicated to the production of superior grade oilboard. Then, its treated with a special blend of double-boiled linseed oils to resist ink bleed-through. After treatment with the oil, the board is cut with the grain in order to further strengthen its rigidity. The production process provides you with clean, sharp marks with your stenciling system (stencil machine, ink, applicator, oilboard). Further, the high absorption of oil in the board, self-lubricates the punches of your stencil machine to extend the life of the machine.

Custom sizes are available.  We have selected only a few sizes and types.  If you don't see what you are currently using, call us toll free 877-776-7225 or email your details for a quote.

We will ship collect on your UPS or FEDEX account.  Call or email for details.  Oilboard is not included in free shipping.

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