When you just need a small amount, we offer 10 pound boxes of select sizes!

Oil Board is used in stencil machines to cut messages for marking and coding crates, boxes, pipes, and other surfaces where large letter coding is needed. MSSC genuine oil board is made with exceptionally high-quality paper board treated with a special combination of oils to resist ink bleed-through. Cut with the grain to maintain rigidity. Manufactured and cured in the USA. Ideal for flat or curved surfaces. MSSC is the best quality stencil board on the market.

We have selected only a few sizes and types on our website. Custom sizes are available. We also offer some of the more popular sizes in 10 pound boxes.  If you don't see what you are currently using, call us toll free 877-776-7225 or email your details for a quote.

Looking for rolls of Oilboard? MSSC brought back the 48" wide roll of .015 natural in 150' lengths.  Other widths also available. Call or email for specifics.

We will ship collect on your UPS or FEDEX account.  Call or email for details.  Oilboard is not included in free shipping.

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Natural Oilboard Stencil Express
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Ultra-Cut Polyethylene Film
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Canary Oilboard Stencil Express
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