Potdevin Machine

Since 1893 Potdevin Machine Co. have offered a complete line of gluing machines up to 60 inches wide, laminating presses up to 84 inches wide, and related supplies such as glue, adhesives, and releasing agents for the printing and POS industries. Scroll down for thickness guide.

Potdevin machines are delivered prices within the continental United States.  Sales taxes are collected for Georgia, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee unless you have an exemption form.  Sales taxes for New York and New Jersey will be billed.
  • Type Z Gluer Type Z Gluer
    Type Z gluers/Laminators are the largest units on the market and used extensively in printing and POS display markets. Most of the Type Z gluers are built to order and can take 4-6 weeks to produce.
  • NTZ Label Gluer NTZ Label Gluer
    NTZ cold glue label pasters are available from 27"-46" wide models.
  • Rotary Press Rotary Press
    Used to eliminate wrinkles and bubbles in mounted labels and prints to substrates.
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