Boxes, Clam Shells, Poly Bags, Tape, Vacuum

The right machine makes money, the wrong machine will cost you, even if it was free. We specialize in finding the best solution for dispensing and sealing equipment.

Boxes with Tape:

Water activated gummed tape for carton closing, and pressure sensitive tape dispensers.

Electronic/Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser

Electronic gummed tape machines save tape by dispensing the proper amount without waste.

Manual Gummed Tape Dispensers:

Pull the handle to about what you need and release. 

Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispensers:

Desktop manuals to electrics and handheld type dispensers.

Cost Control - 1 Strip, 2 Strip, 3 Strip, 4.  Plastic tape will cost you more!

People ask what is the best way to close a carton. Should I use plastic tape, staples, glue, or gummed tape? Depends. Are you shipping LTL, or small package delivery? Are your boxes light, or heavy? How many cartons are you sealing per day, per station? Are you sealing small cartons? Do you need to keep bugs out? Are you reusing old cartons? Do you build cartons in advance, or when you need one? Do you seal the same size box each time, or in random order? Is security important in the packaging area? Do you need to make sure the box will show evidence of tampering? Is your company image important when the customer receives the box?

I wish it was simple. We may not be the best solution for consumables like boxes, poly, and tissue, but when it comes to machine knowledge, function, and efficiency, we are the best.

Clam Shells -

Clam shells are a great way for consumers to view your products without having to tear open the box. Depending upon the quantity you are sealing and the quality of the seal, there are three types of sealing: Constant, Ultra-Sonic, or Chemical. We currently handle the constant and low end ultra sonic types. Click here for more info. Testing is important, many imported clams shells from China do not seal with heat.

Poly Bags with heat, tape, or ties:

Using tape or ties allows for the consumer to open the bag without damaging the bag.

For more options using tape or ties:

Using heat creates a more permanent seal and forces the consumer to cut or rip open the bag to gain access to the contents. To form perfect seals, heat needs to be applied and then the seal needs to congeal or cool down. There are basically two types of heat sealing we work with, constant or impulse.

Constant heat is used for band sealing or in applications involving thick poly, mylar, or other poly lined type bags. Constant heat is like using an iron to close the bag.

Impulse sealers are machines where the operator can control the amount of time heat is applied to the seal to form more perfect seals. Impulse sealers are available in arm, table, or foot models.

Impulse, double impulse, constant, hand-held, table top or foot type Heat Sealer.

Vacuum Sealers:

Vacuum Sealers are available for removing extra air and in some cases applies a gas flush to remove oxygen from the bag being sealed. Email your requirements for more info.

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