Service Department

Customer service is the Difference.

Local Service Available in the Metro Atlanta Area. Call for rates.

We stock parts for many of the machines featured on our web site in order to offer quick service at our Loganville, GA headquarters.

We also offer live demos for our customers.

We service almost all machinery found on this website after the manufacturers warranty expires as well as being able to provide necessary parts (for most) and technical information in case you want to repair your own equipment.**

What you see is what you get! Sometimes a video is better.

If you consider your current equipment like a "YO-YO" because it spends more time in UPS transit between your shipping dock and your current service company, you need an expert.  Most generic service personnel only repair a machine to the point where it works again and return it to service.  We examine a machine from "left to right, top to bottom" and take into consideration all the potential problems to give you a total estimate of repair costs.

Fill out our service form and include with your machine. Click here.

All machines returned to us for repair will be quoted for your approval. Make sure to include the problems encountered with the machine, as well as your name, address and phone number.

Available parts lists, service instructions, and trouble shooting guides are found listed on the bottom of the brochure describing the machine.  Search for the machine via the search engine above or go through the contents pages.

Call for shipping and handling information:

Telephone (877) 776-7225  (877-Pro-Pack), or (770) 554-1883

FAX (877) 329-7225  (877-Fax-Pack), or (770) 554-8284

**A few items we sell have to be returned to the factory due to electronic components. We also work with a few select companies around the USA to provide the best service.