Stencil Express Electronic Total Solution

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Stencil Express Electronic Total Solution
Basic Stencil Express
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Marsh Stencil Express Total Solution

Everything You Need To Start Stenciling Upon Receipt!

The Marsh Stencil Express is an electronic, computer driven stencil cutting system. Achieve varying stencil requirements with ease on your computer. The Windows-OS based software is designed to run directly from an existing PC, and does not require a stand alone dedicated system. Software is supported on these systems: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If you just need the Stencil Express, click here.

Have you ever cut a long stencil message and on the 75th letter, punched the wrong letter? Then you have to start all over and try again. Not with the Stencil Express!!! Type in your messages, verify, then cut. You also have the ability to save for future use.

We recommend the stand to accommodate the roll of material.

The Stencil Express Total Solution includes:

  • The MSSC Stencil Express electronic stencil cutter
  • Two 100 foot rolls of .011 oil board
  • One roll of Express-Cut Polyethylene Film .008
  • Two 60 degree blades
  • One 45 degree blade
  • A RFR200-30 Refillable Fountain Roller 3" with a quart of Black RolMark Stencil Ink
  • A quart of 180C-RMS-Q RolMark Ink Solvent And Cleaner

If you need K-Stencil Ink, we will substitute for the RolMark Ink. (Special note: International orders will only be filled with K-Stencil Ink due to shipping restrictions.)

Sample Prints:

The Express(Ultra)-cut material sticks to surfaces giving you a much cleaner print and works great on curves.

Set up your whole message, check spelling, then hit the print button. Note the various fonts and sizes from the same machine.

This (above) is using the Express-Cut Polyethylene Film .008.

This (above) is using .011 Oilboard on a roll. You get a little smudge but the stencils should last longer.

2 Year limited manufacturers warranty parts and labor at the factory.

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