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  • Machine Machine
    Stencil machines are used to cut messages into oilboard. The oilboard is then used to print the message repeatedly on different surfaces like boxes, crates, and pipes with spray inks or an applicator.
  • Oil Board Oil Board
    Stencil machines use oilboard to cut messages for repeatedly apply to surfaces. The board is soaked with oil to resist ink.
  • Applicators Applicators
    Stencil applicators are used with ink and oilboard to print messages on pipes, walls, crates, boxes and other flat surfaces.
  • Inks Inks
    Marsh RolMark, K-Stencil and Spray Inks for porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • POGO Printer POGO Printer
    Pogo printers are a lower cost method versus pressure sensitive labels for identifying or addressing cartons on a pallet.
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